I’m Jordan, a journalist, art critic and artist from Eugene, Oregon.

This blog began with a resolution: I would take one photo of a local art piece every day, and see where my adventures took me. Thirty days later, I had witnessed a dance performance at a laundromat, creepy wax casts of raccoon feet, a steam punk fashion show and a gallery filled to the brim with pillowy intestines. I’d rubbed elbows with the Eugene Slug Queen and video artist Peter Sarkisian.

I’d also caught the attention of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which is located on the UO Campus.

Now, One Step Big Shot is being reborn. I’ve joined the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Communications Team, and will be continuing my adventures with some new connections and an ever-growing passion for the arts (visual and otherwise).

My first set of adventures also left me with a new philosophy on Eugene’s art community. Creativity thrives on human connections, and the only way the arts will grow is through a tight web of passionate people. So, though I’ll be blogging about the Schnitzer, I’ll also be connecting with local artists from the downtown to the Whiteaker.

Let the games begin! Snappity snap snap


-Why is your blog called One Step Big Shot?

The truth is, one of my secret aspirations is to be a big shot art critic. That’s not why this blog is called One Step, Big Shot though. That little phrase comes from the world of Polaroid cameras, where the lack of a zoom lens forced photographers to do a little jig in order to frame their pictures. They had to take “one step,” or a few. Due to the instant results inherent to the Polaroid medium, they only got one chance to get it right. Once they hit the shutter release, that was their “big shot.” I want this blog to be equally as spontaneous and unpredictable, a Warhol-inspired mishmash of mediums and ideas.

-Where else can I connect with you?

MY TWITTER: @onestepbigshot

MY TUMBLR: onestepbigshot.tumblr.com

MY FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/onestepbigshot/

MY INSTAGRAM: @onestepbigshot

MY EMAIL: jordaneddy90 at gmail

-Do you want to hang out and make art?

YES! I’d love to make art with you. And yes, our adventures will probably end up on this blog.

  1. Kirstyn Walker said:

    Hey Jordan! What’s your last name so I can add you on Facebook?


  2. Eugenia said:

    I love this! Snow pics were the bomb.

    • Thanks Ms. Culinaria Eugenius! You’re my blogger hero. Just sayin’

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