Frost has settled on the swings
Oh, what a maze a blizzard brings
We pace the empty streets
Until our fingers sting

Lying on the marble lawns
We bask in haze of endless dawn
And face a quiet life
With all that lingered gone



Mist can creep between your bones
And whisper things you’ve always known
And seep into the edges
Where the fences groan

Skating on the sleeping lake
We fall along with frozen flakes
And scream to see if ice
Will wince and break



A hundred nights on snowbank bed
I wonder when I’ll lift my head
And see the light touch vast horizon
Dark and dead

‘Til the melt with you I’ll stay
Rooted here in hardened clay
Preserving things past felt
In hibernating day



In winter the whole world is left exposed
We’re honest as the weather so we know
We’re only stuck together cuz we’re froze
And so we wait and hold each other close

Photos by my dad, poetry by me!

*See the frozen shapes. Wonder how the last shot got its title. Compose the music for me.


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