Close your eyes…

…and just listen, because the video is craptastic! In my defense, I was eating ice cream at the same time and Jenna kept sticking her head in the frame.

This is my friend Julianna’s brother’s band. That’s a really bad way to introduce them, though. This is my FAVORITE LOCAL BAND. I’m not exactly a music maven, but I’d say Homeschool is worth a listen or five. Their laid-back, bluesy sound perfectly complements talented lead singer Tyler’s forlorn lyrics. “I ain’t no saint in the eyes of God/But I know a thing or two about sinnin’, Lord.” Brilliant.

That was the extent of my ability to describe music, at least at 1:30 a.m. Now sit back and listen to this rock lullaby.

BONUS VID: Click here to watch Homeschool play “Yellows and Blues,” my FAVORITE SONG from my FAVORITE LOCAL BAND.

P.S. Lots of exciting things this week, starting with a post on a super creepy totem. Just wait for it…


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