Volvox, shadow tracing

Dear Volvox,

I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately, trying to get into your head. An intrepid street artist like you surely faces many obstacles- the illegality of your work, the rising costs of spray paint, your lack of night vision- but one thing keeps nagging at me. Does it get frustrating to never see your audience’s reaction? Is it hard to create something and just leave it there in the cold?

When I discovered this spray paint silhouette splayed across the sidewalk, I was on a run with my friend Jenna near Hayward Field. As we passed over it, I let out a long “Whoooooaaaa” and skidded to a halt. It was love at first tag, Volvox. What an intriguing piece: a skinny patch of shade frozen in a world of ever-shifting shadows.


Later that night, my friend Julianna and I went out and snapped some shots. We closely inspected the color you’d chosen, which almost exactly matched that of our own shadows. You could have gone all Actor’s Cabaret and cut a black slice out of the concrete, but instead you created something for lookers. In a world of folks who stare resolutely at the sidewalk, this piece could still go unnoticed. It’s brilliant.


VOLVOX on 18th and Harris

AND THEN the plot thickened. Up the hill and down the street, I bumped into this tag. The pieces are like night and day (which is when I found them, har har). Giant bubble letters explode from the wall, highlighted by a blue outline and a quaint little Zorro swoop.

The two tags’ proximity to each other is intriguing. Do you live around here, V? Perhaps you did see my reactions to your work.

Anyway, this is all leading up to my request to meet you. It must be cloak and dagger-style, of course. Let me know by leaving a tag somewhere in between the last two. It should preferably be something I have to decode.

I’ll keep my eyes open.


BONUS PICS: Speaking of street art, the STREETS OF EUG Tumblr has fresh stuff! I had this realization that my runs are perfect tag collection times. Watch out, streets. Here comes a straight-up G…eek.

HILARIOUS: In my unfruitful google quest to find info on Volvox, I discovered this local government website for reporting “graffiti.” Here it is, if you want a laugh.

  1. Jay said:

    Where are you Volvox? We miss you!!

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