On The Island



I found myself at Lane Community College again the other day, which forced me to reflect on my sins against our local Hill People school. After comparing it to an ancient ruin and insulting most (but not all) of its artwork, maybe it was time for me to repent.

I dropped my little brother off at the soccer field, grabbed my camera and headed for the heart of campus. Truth be told, I think of LCC as a fascinating alternate universe, a land where the front lawn and the backwoods are equally graced with strange architecture and mysterious, rusting sculptures. The school is so remote, like some sort of lost island… or possibly the LOST island?!?

(NOTE: For an enhanced experience, click this link and listen while you read)


I took in the worn concrete, multilevel cube buildings, and little white carts with wide eyes. This was a Dharma satellite complex if I’d ever seen one.


Only a secret 1970’s government project would be so blatantly ambiguous as to call its main building THE CENTER, or so bold as to decorate it with a stained glass depiction of robot puke.

I was geeking out as I snapped pictures. LOST was once my favorite show, and it felt like I was on a safari through the set. Then it got too dark to take pictures, and I started peeking in windows. Things were suddenly quite a bit creepier:


What in the WORLD was this room’s purpose? Why was there a heavy curtain partitioning part of the floor? The rusty tank with the shiny nozzles and the robotic arm were clearly accomplices in some evil assembly line.


I ducked into the art complex seeking sanctuary and found myself in a white walled, minimalistic temple. An older lady in a flannel shirt strolled through an eerie sculpture garden near the door without looking up.

I followed her, hoping to finally unravel the secrets of this place. Perhaps this woman, this Other, could help me.

I stopped outside some sort of workshop with a long window. The woman was crouched inside, pulling things out of a metal cabinet. My heart started beating faster, and I could hear that notorious LOST “This is a mystery” song playing in my head. Ba-du-du-du-BUM-BUM… Ba-du-du-du-BUM-BUM. What was that she had in her hand? A hammer? Why did she need a hammer?

The woman turned around slowly… There was a quick close-up on my widening eyes… And then…

Ooh, that was painfully geeky.


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