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Sarah Refvem, Sisters

Art is the rare sort of drug that gets more effective the more times you use it. Whereas before I could walk through whole galleries with little more than a glance at each work, now I nearly get my nose dirty any time a painting is near.

This isn’t always the best policy when viewing a collage (they’re like autostereograms sometimes), but Sarah Refvem’s Laverne Krause show this week was calling me to rub my eyeballs all over it. Look at all that mineral grit! Look at those aching scrapes and delicious crinkles!

Can you tell what it is? Check out the whole image here, and then look again at the way Refvem collage-igamis it into existence.

My week began with a look at this show, which I originally saw (in part) when I adventured with Refvem last term. Back then, she was exclusively using makeup to color the figures, but the complete series mixes in paint and other media. It’s also now populated with several duos that change the focus of the body of work.


Sarah Refvem

The little pairs call us to analyze their relationships-and our own. Two wallflowers hang by the exit sign, one stalk straight and the other bent in toward her kin. Is she seeking protection? Whispering in her sister’s ear?

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a cheater in my analysis. At the end of the week I interviewed Refvem for sweet online magazine The Queen Bee Collective and got the scoop on this show (and many other things). The article, which involves a hidden room full of old furniture and photographs, will be out in February.

Why did it take me a week to post about this show? Good question, dear hanger-on. I don’t have a good excuse, so I’ll just swear to Be a Better Blogger from now til infinity!

P.S. Remember that mysterious tile I found at a coastal gift shop back in October? The tile presumably from the cursed cruise ship MTS JUPITER? In light of recent cruise line catastrophes, someone called Debra Harris happened to search out my post. Harris was once a passenger on the JUPITER and experienced some omens of its eventual demise… CLICK HERE and scroll down to the comments to read her story.


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