Finger feasts and eye burps!?

Jeff Mason

If you really think about it, the main thing they sell at stained glass shops is rubble. And boy, are there lots of types of rubble.

When I went to The Art of Glass yesterday with my friend Lily to check out Jeff Mason’s latest show, I couldn’t help but run my fingers over everything. There was smooth glass and bumpy glass, grainy glass and glass with little zigzags, frosty glass and clear glass. It was a feast for the fingers (if that makes sense) that would have been interesting to experience blindfolded.

Of course, then I would have missed all of the vibrantly colored, glowing creations that fill one corner of the shop and surround Mason’s paintings. Stained glass is an art in bending, rather than mimicking, light. The pieces made an interesting complement to Mason’s work, which so aptly captures light in paint.

Mason selected a series of glowing landscapes for the show, which made even our wintry, frozen hearts a jump at the thought of a fresh spring. I stupidly forgot to note the title of it, but this little impressionistic piece was especially impressive. The clouds are all glorious, swirly texture, the kind of texture that my fingers were hungering for.

I leaned in close… and closer… and even closer until my nose nearly touched the canvas… but I couldn’t bring myself to break the taboo.

So my eyes and my fingers got a hearty meal, though not always at the same time. On that note, it’s interesting that your eyes can “feast” but not “drool” or “burp.” With art like this, we might have to agree on some new descriptions for ocular- and tactical- functions.

BONUS LINKS: Here are some other encounters I’ve had with Mason and his work.


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