It’s EUG, Yo


Millrace studios, “Respect Art”

It’s been essays, I mean days, since I’ve updated this! Rest assured that I haven’t been frolicking about in meadows while eating candy and giggling wildly during my absence. No, my punishment for not blogging has been to sit about in cold cafes while eating nothing and muttering nervously to myself, in Spanish.

“mutter mutter… las obras de Sor Juana son… mutter mutter… como dice Jesus Sepulveda en su libro… mutter mutter… yo quiero Taco Bell… mutter.” You can imagine.

Finals week has made me look on the bright in one respect, though. All of this frigid weather has been perfect for shocking my brain out numerous essay comas. One short walk in the sub-30 degree weather (Stop laughing, East Coast), and I’m entirely alert once more.

Another upside to these little jaunts is that I keep bumping into awesome street art, which is absolutely everywhere in this town if you keep you eyes open. Today, I passed by the Millrace studios and pondered (a) what’s behind the mysterious spiral door and (b) whether “Respect Art!” is part of the mural or its own tag.


“United Together- We Must Liberate Ai WeiWei” ~ Unknown

Then I discovered this little poster on the railroad bridge nearby. The figures remind me of Joe Sacco‘s cartoons, and although the poster is a little old- literally and thematically- it’s still pretty sweet. I like to imagine it’s by the same artist who did that “Keep Assange Alive” tag I blogged about ages ago.

All of this brings me to a great little announcement. One thing I have been updating this week is a Tumblr I’ve created called STREETS OF EUG, which is a totally hip and gangsta look at the work of Eugene’s awesome street artists.

Here’s a link to the AWESOMENESS: Click it!

Why have I been updating that and not this? Because that one’s a lot easier to do! Not to worry, One Step Big Shot is back online… and tomorrow, I’ll finally do part 2 of the O’Connell Code! Meanwhile, I’ll be roamin’ the streets, yo.


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