They done killed it


Cabela’s, stuffed wolf

I had just emerged from The Lion King 3D (see it if you haven’t, and then sign this petition to bring back hand-drawn animation) when I spotted this stuffed wolf hanging out on his own version of Pride Rock.

For some reason, I thought Cabela’s was a fancier version of REI. I should have known that Gateway Mall would never have anything considered better than something else. Turns out it’s actually a guns, ammo and fishin’ pole superstore that houses a huge herd of stuffed animals, and not of the huggable variety.


Cabela’s, stuffed elk

I guess my recent hellish journey to IKEA has kept me thinking about the way companies kidnap, rape and kill nature. I stood next to the fake babbling brook for a while and stared sadly into the eyes of the elk.

On the other hand, I suppose taxidermy itself is its own very peculiar art. As much as I hated seeing the IKEA cowhide and Capela’s animals (I mean, they seriously killed all of the fauna in a small forest), I think it would be really interesting to learn about taxidermy from a legit professional. …Anybody?


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