Bollywood dance party!

Bllurggahaurghhhh! That expresses my general discontent at not having posted in several days, and it’s also the noise I was making a lot in the meantime while I hunched over the toilet . The stomach flu is an all-consuming beast. It makes you shiver and sweat and cry and rue the day you were born. Thank Krishna it’s over.

Did I forget to tell you about my recent journey to India? I can hardly remember it after countless hours of lying around in the dark, hot cave of my room, but on Sunday I went to the Students of the Indian Subcontinent’s Diwali party at the EMU. Let me tell you, it was OFF THE HOOK!

Diwali, aka “the festival of lights,” is one of the most important Hindu holidays, so it’s not surprising that the beats were bumping and the saris were shaking. I sampled all sorts of Indian snacks, such as samosas (delicious, spicy potato pockets) and rasgulla (super sweet cheese balls that have a gritty, spongy texture).

In between watching a very skilled traditional dance and doing a much less skilled version myself, I talked to a nice gent about Indian culture. He explained that the garba, dandiya and bhangra traditional dances (all of which were being taught at the party) were all from different regions of India.

“Different states have different dances, different languages, and different cultures,” he said. The comment struck me. I think we tend to neatly package our ideas of cultures within countries. Not all Germans wear lederhosen, and not all Kenyans dress in the red robes of the Masai. It’s always good to reevaluate our perceptions of “the other,” and look closer at the wonderful peculiarities of humanity.


Dance floor centerpiece 

Besides all of the glittering textiles, the prettiest art in room was the centerpiece of the dance floor. Three traditionally dressed kiddies were adorably dancing around it. Do you see the bird on top? It instantly reminded me of the little bird head staff in the Lascuax birdman painting.

Clearly, the art nerd’s back in da house. REPRESENT!

BONUS LINK: After all of the official festivities, a Bollywood dance party erupted. I’m not sure if you’re aware of Bollywood awesomeness, but you should probably take a quick look at this. You’ll never go back.


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