Down with vases!


Joe Sacco, “Down with vases! Up with comics!” 

Look at the date! I haven’t updated this thing in two whole days. Two is also the number of essays I’ve written IN SPANISH in that time, which I hope gives me a little more leeway. I know, I know. It’s really all my fault for procrastinating.

Anyway, just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to some art shenanigans. I hung out with cartoonist/journalist Joe Sacco today, which I’m still geeking out about. I WOULD tell you all about that adventure (It involves Paris, ancient Mesopotamia, journalism, chicken paninis, the kitchen sink… ya know, all of the usual things), but I’m going to have to procrastinate a bit more because it’s 1:00, and one is approximately the number of hours of sleep I’ve gotten in two days.

So I leave you with this tantalizing sketch that Sacco did in the museum copy of Safe Area Gorazde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95, which is also the name of his current exhibition at the JSMA.  So til tomorrow, down with vases! Up with comics!


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