The turn

Physics stone relief, Lokey Science Complex, UO

Stop for a moment, find a ten-year-old and take a walk. Go to your work, or a place where you take a class. Walk until you almost reach the overly familiar, but then make an abrupt turn down an unexplored corridor.

Find new balconies and stairways. Look at everything from three different angles. Take note of where your ten-year-old is looking and follow his gaze.

“Heat” Stele, Lawrence Hall, UO

Do this, and ancient wonders will creep from corners and slide onto walls you’ve never looked at before. You’ll wonder what they’re called or who took the time to carve them, but, blessedly and cursedly, there won’t be time to ask too many questions.

Take a close look, because you might never find them again. Oh, and thank your ten-year-old profusely.


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