Cyclops’ tweezers


Sculpture, Lane Community College

The car bounced toward the strange outcropping of constructions that was possibly reminiscent of Crete’s Palace of Knossos from Bronze Age Minoa. Just as at Knossos, we were about to enter a labyrinth of corridors and courtyards filled with weird wall art and peculiar paintings. However, there’s one big difference between Crete and the land of Lane Community College: this Eugenean “island” is much wilder. Would we, an intrepid duo of curious art-chaeologists, find any treasures worth seeing?

The answer was yes, despite the ominous and mod-tastrophic sentinels (one and two) that guard the east entrance to this temple of learning. Once inside, my friend Melissa and I immediately bumped into this metal sculpture, at which point my art-chaeological mind went abuzz and my mouth started drooling.

What a find to make at the same time that I’m studying such wonders as the Mycenaean Cup of Nestor and the Treasure of Priam of ancient Troy.* The sculpture’s smooth, dangerous curves and ornamental shape make it a large-scale throwback to such objects. It could be Minotaur’s bracelet, or Cyclops’ eyebrow tweezers. If only the artist had elected for a more elaborate pattern on its surface rather than that very mod scattering of abstract squares.

As we drove away, I vowed to return to the island of LCC more often. There might just be other treasures to dust off.

*BONUS: If you don’t know the story of German archaeologist Henrich Schliemann, you should probably click here. Not only did he discover the Cup of Nestor, he STOLE the Treasure of Priam from Turkey (check out a photo of his wife wearing some Priam jewelry here). The infamous, prolific gent also wrote multiple autobiographies. He’s worth reading about, if he does say so himself.


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