Good, bad love songs

Music and lyrics by Andrew

Oh, variety shows. They hurt so good.

My friend Lil and I are at The Buzz Coffeehouse for Unbound magazine’s open mic night. Actually, we didn’t come here for the event – it came to us, complete with coffee and cookies.

If you haven’t seen Unbound yet, you should probably click here to get the scoop on the wonderful online literary arts magazine by and for UO students. They’re having a few quirky, fun contests right now, and they’re always accepting submissions.

As with all events like this (open sign-ups, lots of young people), the artists are of many different… calibers. For every awesome slam poet or darkly funny musician, there’s someone who wrote a story in class, got an A for effort and decided to read it aloud in a monotone voice.

Okay, that was a little mean. Doing what you love is obviously the important thing, and good artists with strong voices only emerge after endless trial and error. I guess I’m just a little tired of being serenaded by chisel-jawed, lovelorn gentlemen.

I’ll let Lil have a word on this matter. She scribbled this wonderful rant in her sketchbook just moments ago:

“There’s always the temptation to write a poem or something off the cuff and spill it to the world, but I’m not usually big on disembowelment of my soul. Deep is a word I am not particularly familiar with in terms of thought. ‘Deep’ is great for describing the bathypelagic zone of the ocean, the bottom of a canyon, or an open wound. Deep is not a word I normally associate with people- well, maybe your girlfriend, but aside from that, it does not cross my mind on a daily basis. If you talk ‘deep’ to me, you might as well start speaking Chinese, because I ain’t getting it.”

What a cynical duo of critics we are! Clearly we need some romance in our lives to melt our cold, bitter hearts.

In all honesty, I can appreciate the corny love song as an art form all its own. Where else can you rhyme “night” and “guys” and totally get away with it? Where else can you pour out all of your warmest and fuzziest of emotions like the sensitive gentleman you are without getting joshed for it? If you have guitar skillz, you have power!


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