The Dark Caterpillar


The afternoon was a blur of activity, and I’d finally found a spare moment to sit down. Just as I was settling on one of the steps of the EMU amphitheater on campus, I jumped in surprise. There seemed to be a jet black, strangely shaped caterpillar occupying the seat I’d nearly taken. I leaned in close and looked for signs of life… and then I realized it was actually a mustache.

How does stone grow a mustache? Does it shave? Does it get rubbly stubble?

The misplaced ‘stache is a good symbol of my quirky, serendipitous day, which included an art adventure with intrepid photo blogger Kelsey Ivey. She already wrote a glorious post about our crazy portrait project over at the Joyful Shoehorn . I’ll be adding further commentary tomorrow, as soon as this cursed art history midterm is over!

Until then, ponder the mystery of the mustache and remember: if you believe in magic, good things might appear in interesting places. Even if they’re supposed to be on your upper lip.


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