So haute… it’s not?


Brooklyn shows what NOT to wear to a concert

I’m obsessed with all fashion shows. There’s just something about the psychology of the runway, which can instantly unleash a fierce power or expose a crippling insecurity in the model who traverses it. I first experienced this at that steampunk fashion show last year. I distinctly remember the asphyxiating power of a curvy woman in a Paris green dress, who stomped down the runway with such confidence that you could hear a collective male gulp.

Last night’s NAfME Collegiate Fall Fashion Show at the UO School of Music, which was put together by my friend Mara, was a world away from the steampunk show in terms of content but definitely just as fabulous. It was an instructional experience that taught music students how to dress for concerts, juries and job interviews. Obviously none of these situations pertain to me, but the show was still tres fascinant.


Tyler, DO wear this to a concert

Watching the stream of relatively simple formal and semi-formal outfits was strange. It was almost as though we’d landed at the show of some fashion designer genius who’d gone so far off the edge of the avant-garde that he’d landed on something normal. Is this haute coutoure in disguise? Is there some secret irony we’re missing? Okay, so the show was sponsored in part by JCPenney, but it’s fun to pretend.

It’s also fun to eat homemade baklava, which was provided after the show. Have you experienced the wonders of baklava? STUFF YOUR FACE ASAP!

BONUS VID: The famous teevee stars On The Rocks appeared at the end of the show and sang a little ditty, causing my friend Megan (of slug donut fame) to literally burst into tears of euphoria. You sure know how to please a crowd, Mara. Here’s a quick video of the experience.


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