Art of the Prank


“You have been booted,” construction workers

I know, I know. There wasn’t a post yesterday. Okay, maybe you didn’t even notice, but I’ve felt guilty about it all day. So to my mother, the Google search categorizing code and anyone else who may read/scan this blog, I admit it! It’s not art’s fault, as I told myself last night while I cried and rocked myself to sleep. It’s my fault, all mine.

Art was everywhere, but my long, lanky legs were speed walking past it as fast as I could. I’m becoming one of those people who takes short, jerky breaths, requires coffee every morning and afternoon, forgets lunch, and eats cereal (very quickly) for dinner. Pointy cheek bones and muscular legs are signs of a sad, artless life.

That’s why I took an intentional trek to the Maude Kerns Art Center today. It’s a wonderful little gallery on 15th and Villard that I’ve shamefully neglected on this blog. “We are between exhibits,” sneered a sign on the door. I was crushed. Maybe the art gods really did have it out for me.

Then, a couple blocks away on a street that I almost never traverse, I found this gem. The well-pulled prank. It’s a monument to excess, an intricately crafted work of clever creativity, a dramatic story waiting like a ticking bomb to explode.

…And also freaking hilarious.

While I marveled at the art piece that I probably never would have found had MK been open, two workers from a nearby construction project appeared.

“Oh, that’s funny,” said one, standing back to snap a photo.

“It’s Donnie’s car! I don’t want to be the in the picture!” said the other guy, jumping out of the way.

From what I gathered, one construction company had brilliantly pranked the other.

“The yellow foam is a nice touch,” said the first guy.

Something tells me this little game will end with something being suspended by a crane. In the meantime, I want to thank the winds of fate for blowing in my favor once again and direct you to my favorite place to read about pranks. Warning: some of them are gross, all of them are mean.


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