Urban Farm mosaic and trellis, University of Oregon

At what point do you go from being “eco friendly” to being an outright ecostalker? Two of my Spanish classes are surveys of literature that relate to environmental issues, and I’m getting to the point where I creepily wander through gardens to peek at cornstalks or hunt down slugs for art projects. Okay, I’ve only actually taken part in the former activity, but I almost made an art piece involving slug slime for the First Friday Art Walk (blogged here).

The environment fascinates me, but not for the same reasons that my teachers talk about. Yes, I know Mother Earth is having some issues, and that there are about a million statistics to prove it. And yes, I’m as interested in solutions and changes as the next well-informed citizen. But in the meantime, can we talk about art?

I mean, look at what humans have done. We’ve taken this small, grassy plant and artificially selectified/genetically modificated it into this crazy, colorful mosaic called an ear of corn. It really puts the culture in agriculture, if you’re reaping what I’m sowing.

It makes exploring the Urban Farm- or any garden- a brand new adventure. What did all of these plants look like before engaging in strange symbiosis with humans? Is this explosion of green equally as man-made as a swipe of emerald paint on a canvas?

Oh, and who made that awesome Urban Farm mosaic sign? I love it!


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