Terry Holloway and Graeme Haub, Secret of the Ooze

The two men in hazmat suits paced the gallery with a metal detector, cautiously sweeping innocent bystanders and suspicious objects. When they came upon the enormous gastropod lying like a beached whale in a puddle of its own slime, the clean-up job began. By the end, each man had a great mountain of sluggy refuse oozing around his shoulders and the crowd had erupted into applause. Our heroes!

Of course, both gentlemen were more than aware that no amount of cleanup could completely deslime the Eugene Storefront Art Project’s pop-up gallery on Willamette, which was stop number 4 of the First Friday Art Walk. SLUG Queen Holly GoSlugly was not only hosting the walk, but she’d also teamed up with ESAP to deliver a gallery chock-full of slug-inspired art- everything from One Step Big Shot guest Queen Slugasana’s legendary gown to the giant glowing chicken wire-and-fabric slug sculpture by Terry Holloway and Graeme Haub (aka the hazmat men).


Marilyn Kent, Future Slug Queen

One of my favorite pieces was Marilyn Ken’ts sexy Elphaba acrylic. Besides being a gorgeous piece of pop art (can’t you just see nine colorful permutations of it on a print signed “Warhol”?), it’s also a clever homage to reigning royal GoSlugly, whose main cause is local arts. As any Eugenean knows, the SLUG Queen competition is all about sucking up, and Kent has just won herself some serious brownie points. Speaking of which, I’m sure Ms. GoSlugly wouldn’t mind a pan of brownies as well, Ms. Kent.


Slug donut from Voodoo Doughnut, modeled by Megan

To cap off this mondo post, let me just alert you to the fact that Voodoo Doughnut on Broadway sells a slug doughnut. Just don’t ask what they use for filling.

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