Bad Dawg

“Bad Wolf”, unknown

It’s a true myth that if you follow a small, feisty animal, you might end up in the middle of a fairytale. Recall Alice’s pursuit of the White Rabbit, in tribute to whom I created this stationery pattern today.

My own familiar was slightly larger but equally as furry. I’ve been house sitting for my family, and being home alone is the first requirement for a magical adventure. Condition two is that you must set out to perform some mundane task (i.e. walking the dog) and find yourself in an unexpected but meaningful place (i.e. my elementary school’s playground).

Rule number three is, of course, to trail a four legged friend. When I followed Sunny the retriever, I bumped straight into this marvelous tag, which is written on a supply shed next to a baseball field.

If you ever wanted to know what the Big Bad Wolf’s house looks like, this is it. Maybe he was jealous of those cute straw, stick and brick cabanas. Of course, if the “wolf” really is a retriever, he might just be compensating for his friendly looks with all that huffing and puffing.

My favorite part of the piece is that random splotch of paint to the left, which says a lot about Mr. Wolf’s decorating skills. All in all, this little shed has been utterly transformed. Bravo to a very fractured fairytale* and its teller.

*click there to see a Rocky & Bullwinkle rendition of the Three Little Pigs. You DON’T want to miss it.


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