Fangirls on skates!


Kelsey, Devynn and Jordan, Designed and thrifted clothes

Parking garages are like public bathrooms. They’re chilly, they echo, and they’re not a place to make eye contact with passersby. When it comes to leaving your car- or something else- behind, it’s all about being quick, efficient, and not getting mugged.

So maybe I should have gone running when I saw these three hooligans having a photo shoot in the parking area under my friend’s apartment building. But how often do you get to meet the cast of Blade Runner? Now was my time.

It turns out the motley crew is actually a not-so-secret society called TheFans4Ever . “Fans of what?” you may ask. “MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!” they will answer. Yes, that early 00’s rock band is not only still going strong, but it still has fans who are passionate enough to (1) design, thrift and style freaking awesome tribute costumes, (2) record a cover of an MCR song, (3) film a music video of that cover and (4) have a photo shoot for an album cover of the song they’ve created. Are you reading this, My Chemical Romance? These people are doing this stuff FOR FREE. Call them!!

Their outfits are seriously impressive. I mean, look at Kelsey’s blue jacket with red and white piping and tell me you’re not surprised she found it at the Goodwill. Tell me Jordan isn’t the perfect picture of a rock rebel in her Sgt. Pepper-meets-Edward Scissorhands ensemble. They’re ripped right from the cover of an early punk zine (Fans4Ever, meet Sniffin’ Glue)

Devynn obviously takes the cake, though. From the star decals on the biker helmet to the DIY shirt design to the tights to the roller skates, she captures the energy of this video to which the ladies kindly directed me:

50’s diners, laser guns, bazookas and catchy na na na’s? I feel a fever coming on. Can I borrow those tights Devynn?


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