Ancient Treasure?

Pattern on tile, Unknown (penny for scale)

Can you spot the face on the tile? There’s a big backwards-L-shaped nose in the middle with two squinty eyes on either side. It’s there, I swear! This must be a remnant from some past civilization that somehow resurfaced from a sacred burial site and appeared at my feet on a Eugene sidewalk.

This is how I (rookie that I am in the subject) imagine archaeologists draw their conclusions. I mean, how do we know that this block of ochre, which is said to have been engraved by a homo erectus in 75,000 BCish, wasn’t actually just created when some porcupine decided to scratch his buns?

I’m sure there are answers to the ochre question and the larger one about archaeology, and they probably both end with something like, “But porcupines do have itchy buns sometimes, so who really knows?” In other words, we can never be completely sure about these things, and more information will pop up as we dig deeper.

As for my little tile, I prefer to blindly believe it’s manmade art rather than a piece of roof that got dragged across the ground. I mean, if you rotate it 180 degrees you can see that the symbol in the center is actually a flag and the curves on the sides are valleys. Maybe it’s a treasure map!!! Though if you turn it 90 degrees to the left…..


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