I’m baaaack!

Look! It’s my itty bitty face peering out at you!

One Step Big Shot is back again after a summer hiatus during which I (1) got a tan, (2) wrangled many a donkey, and (3) thought I had E Coli because the water supply at the summer camp where I was working was supposedly contaminated but then it was a false alarm. Mostly fun times!

As you may or may not remember, One Step Big Shot recently aligned with the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. I’m now a part of their communications team, which is exciting because it’s the sort of job I’d like to do forever and scary for the same reason. Don’t worry, though! The blog won’t be limited to posts on JSMA exhibits or anything like that. I’ll still be blogging about ugly sculptures, raccoon feet and the like, all in the name of a strong, interconnected arts community.

My first real post will be tomorrow, when I’ll be attending the JSMA’s first Museum After Hours with the jazz/funk/everythingbutthekitchensink band Eleven Eyes. The greatest thing about this? You’re invited to come too! It’s from 6-9, and it’s free for JSMA members and $5 for everyone else. There will be food and wine and Ninkasi beer! Oh, and there’ll be me creepily taking pictures of you.

(On a side note, Eleven Eyes has the coolest website ever. You should click this link and prepare for a mind trip).

I already have some adventures planned, including an artsy escapade with Eugene’s newly slimed SLUG Queen Holly GoSlugly and a brand new project that I’ll be announcing TOMORROW, and I’m always open to new ones. So let me know if you’d like to make some art with me, and you’ll probably land on this here blog.

Let the games begin! Snap!


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