Ugly Beauty

Beauty? no. 2

Okay, now I’m super curious. My friend Nicholas texted me a photo of this street art piece, pasted onto a pole at the bus stop near campus. Look familiar? That’s because I recently blogged about another “Beauty?” piece that I found on 18th Street.

Neither piece is particularly interesting to me on its own, especially since they hold exactly the same message. I only blogged about the last one because I wanted to talk about the vicious alteration it had possibly received.

Then I found this on an electrical box along Alder:

Beauty? no. 3

Third time’s the charm, mysterious street artist. You have my full attention, but all you seem to be telling me is that there’s a messed-up standard for beauty in our society. You’re starting to become an artsy parrot.

On second thought, I take that critique back- partly. It’s not really the message that’s bugging me, it’s the presentation. If you’re going to question beauty, give me something more original, not another partially obscured blond damsel. Make beauty a little uglier.

That’s my challenge to you, mysterious artist! Oh, and my challenge to you readers: find more “Beauty?” art and message me. I promise I’ll only put it on the Talkback page!


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