Eating dirt and getting dirrrty


Jon Jay Cruson, Expanse (detail)

I spotted Cruson’s painting in this adorable photo by Chris Pietsch of the Register-Guard the other day and had to meet it in person. It’s currently hanging in the White Lotus Gallery along with several other landscapes by the artist. This, I dare say, is the masterpiece among them. It reminded me of Cezanne’s landscape paintings, which use folds and layers of land to create an image that is simultaneously flat and 3D. Cruson takes this idea to a very literal level, unfurling one layer of landscape on top of the other like he’s whipping up a Seven Layer bar. Mmmm that makes me hungry. The colors are as delectable as a Seven Layer bar too, starting with a broad swath of yellow at the bottom and ending with a deep blue sky. It’s all a very convincing ad campaign for Eastern Oregon, which is where Cruson got the idea for these and is as gorgeous as he makes it look.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll recount my adventures with the SLUG queen, with legitimate videofun and risque twists! Here’s a preview:


The queen resting on a fainting couch in an adorable lingerie shop called Freudian Slip. It was a brief reprieve during our adventure, which could probably be split into seven chronicles but will ALL be revealed in one massive post tomorrow!


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