Gettin’ ripped!

Emma and Sarah, Jordan: Study 2

It’s my 21st birthday today. For an art nerd, that mostly means I’ll be drinking a lot of wine at galleries. “Bars are totally not my scene,” he says with his nose in the air.

My little sisters Emma (12) and Sarah (15) had been hinting at some spectacular present they made for me. After a glorious steak dinner, they entered the dining room with something covered in a dish rag. Lo and behold, it was a Grecian-style statue of yours truly, wearing only a loin cloth and sporting more muscles than I will have in my lifetime. I was very impressed by its classical body and flawless facture, and was happy with its oddly proportioned limbs that propelled it into the realm of modern art (and also made it look more like me- gorilla arms and all!).

I’ve been having lots of adventures lately, though all of them have been in galleries and none in bars. Look for a post Monday about my tagging/art scavenging/lingerie browsing adventures with the Eugene Slug Queen. For now… I have a night of fun ahead of me! 🙂

(…reading a book on Gertrude Stein, my second favorite present)


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