Steampunk Couture


Clothes by Autumn Anglin, wings by Andrew Anglin*

What exactly is steampunk? I had no idea what to expect at Flux Magazine‘s spring release party, which included a steampunk fashion show by designer Autumn Anglin.

I was initially intrigued by the fact that there were muddy bootprints on the runway pre-show, which turned out to be very telling of the steampunk movement. It’s a gritty but playful mishmash of modern and ancient cultures.

The show started with a walk by a bagpipe player and a woman wielding two swords. It unfolded in a flurry of Victorian dresses, Gothic capes, punk-inspired hair, Lady Gaga-esque headpieces and Star Wars-style accoutrements. Was Anglin influenced by Mardi Gras dancers? Geishas? Pirates?  All of the above.

Oh, and then there were the wings, worn by a man dressed kind of like Jacob from Lost and kind of like Jason Mraz. They slowly unfolded from a backpack with a smooth, mechanical grace and gleamed as he moseyed down the runway. It’s a good example of steampunk art/design. The wings are intricate but useless ornamentation in the real world, but with a dash of imagination they become a practical contraption in a land filled with hulking machinery and futuristic technology.

So maybe I’m starting to understand steampunk. Steps to enlightenment: (1) insert head into clouds, (2) enjoy the ride!

VIDEOFUN: Here‘s a clip of the runway if you’d like to see all of the kooky looks!

PHOTOFUN: Check out my Flickr for more shots of the steampunk folks.


Andrew Anglin sports a leather man-corset, an armband ray gun, shoulder pads and a spiky top hat.


Victorian lady (in her undergarments) meets Geisha meets Helena Bonham Carter (with goggles)?

*Beautiful photos by guest artist Amber Willhite, who snapped the shots while I was taking that crappy video =P

  1. Thank you for coming to the show. I hope you enjoyed it. I was one of the models 🙂

    • Thanks! It was a glorious show! How did you end up on a Steampunk runway??

  2. Thanks for the great review! I would love to get the photos from you. Please let me know how. Thanks!

    • Thanks Autumn!
      I’ll email you some of the shots tonight.
      Any comments on the blog? I’d love to post your analysis in the Talkback section!

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