Paranormal activity


Fiber optic orbs, Ford Alumni Center

I saw a pic of these glass globes on The Joyful Shoehorn, a beautiful blog by some fellow Eugeneans that also has a “photo of the day” feature. I decided I had to see the display for myself, so I headed over to the new Ford Alumni Center.

The center opened about a week ago, but no one seems to know that except for the employees, who drift around the building like lonely ghosts. When I first entered, not a soul was in sight.

The 120 fiber optic orbs hang from the ceiling of the enormous indoor courtyard. They were created through a partnership between Opsis, Interface Engineering and Eleek Lighting, and are meant to “represent falling rain or cascading water to help break up the soaring interior expanse.” That’s according to a very helpful secretary who seemed happy to see someone from the land of the living.

I’m only half joking about all of this otherworldly stuff. I didn’t think of falling rain when I saw this art (who needs more of that in Oregon anyway?); I thought of those ghost hunting photographs with glowing orbs that supposedly represent roaming spirits. Combined with the eerie atmosphere of the space, it’s positively paranormal!


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