Raccoon Wranglin’!

Alida Bevirt, Untitled (Wax Raccoon Feet)

Now, this is dedication to art. I’m not sure how Alida Bevirt pinned down a raccoon for long enough to create a pink wax cast of its feet, but the result is as creeptastic as she must have wanted it to be. Her exhibit in the Laverne Krause gallery includes a long shelf with a whole row of these crumpled, fleshy objects, most of which have tufts of fur still stuck in them (and some of which are adorned with silver claws).

The rest of the show seems to tell the whole story. It includes flesh-colored handbags and backpacks with bunny print liners, a leather leash designed for walking two rodents and large curtains hanging from the ceiling. It’s a luxury closet for a cute, fuzzy animal! Or it’s a creepy comment on consumerism and our violent use of animals for our own comfort. Are those shoes lining your closet much different from these creepy little claws?

I’m thinking Bevirt may have drawn inspiration from the most creeptastic fur art piece ever, Meret Oppenheim’s surrealist fur-lined teacup. Perhaps she’ll face Oppenheim’s dilemma: once you’ve gone this weird, what do you do next?


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