Forever young?



I found this very altered advertisement pasted onto a mailbox on 18th Street (what did I tell you about those mailboxes?). After close inspection and a little bit of research, I figured out that it’s an ad for Diet Pepsi’s new Skinny Can, which debuted to some controversy in February. Back then, it was being promoted during New York Fall Fashion Week and attacked by the National Eating Disorders Association, which asked why “skinny” had to mean “beautiful.”

The artist seems to be making a similar statement, but the thing I found interesting about this little piece was the fact that it’s all scratched up. Did the original artist do that, or was it a later addition to the art? Now that the “beautiful” face has been violently obscured, is the statement more or less powerful? I can’t exactly answer the question that the poster asks unless I can see the person and object (Blake Lively/the Skinny Can) that have been called beautiful.

In any case, I enjoyed the fact that some of the only legible text says: “Straw by Jonathan Adler.” That led me to this hilarious article that seems blissfully unaware of the whole controversy. It uses the phrase “lovingly tongued” in reference to Blake Lively’s sipping activities. Ewwwww


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