Mod gone wrong

Bench by Tom Kittle
Inscription: “Commemorating University Day, 1991”

I’m sorry, but I think this is ugly. I’m probably not supposed to say that as an aspiring art critic. I guess I should say something like, “The dull brown of the bench is in jarring contrast to the vibrant red steel, which penetrates the log in a violent, unintentionally sexual manner. The bench may be commemorating a day on which we beautify the campus, but it instead becomes a strange symbol of man’s encroachment on the natural world.”

Anyway, blogging this bench is really an excuse to talk about Marcel Breuer’s Bauhaus chairs. I had some funky dreams about the Bauhaus last night. They had set up their own Home Depot-style store, which makes sense because “Bau” is the German word for “construction.”

Breuer is famous for mod, minimalistic creations, but as with most things Bauhaus, his designs weren’t always that way. Over the course of five years (1920-1925), he went from folksy designs like this, to this, and finally to the streamlined beauty of this. Vert minimalistische!

“Every year, it gets better and better,” said Breuer. “In the end we sit on a resilient column of air.”

BONUS: Oak Street Vintage has mod chairs galore. Buy me one?


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