Laundromatinee! With Videofun!


Laundromatinee, Heidi Duckler with the UO Dept. of Dance

Yesterday evening I caught the UO Department of Dance’s Laundromatinee, staged atop washing machines in the Emerald Laundromat on 17th Street.

Over the course of the 15-minute performance, the girls skated across the floor on rags, rode around in laundry bins, shut themselves in dryers and used each other as ironing boards. It’s a clever comment on gender roles. The conclusion? Domesticity breeds insanity.

“It sort of makes an extreme out of these mundane daily things,” dancer Erinn Ernst told me. “It starts out really happy, too happy. Then it slowly deteriorates and breaks down into this crazy neurosis.”

Of course, the fact that these women can even perform this stuff contradicts any idea that women are weak, domestic creatures. All of the dancers had enormous black bruises dotting their legs, battle scars that prove just how tough a performance like this is to perfect.

The room was crammed with dancers and audience members, and at the end you could smell the sweat on their bodies. It was truly glorious!

And finally, a podunk little video I made of the performance. That’s right, this blog is officially MULTIMEDIA now!


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