Stick a fork in her!


Michael Craig-Martin, Garden Fork with my cousin Rachel

This is my itty bitty cousin Rachel with the awesome sculpture Garden Fork, which was in the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas while I was there over spring break. Why am I drudging up old photos? 1) Because I have an essay AND an article to write tonight and 2) because I actually have something interesting to say about this here fork (I swear!). But before I talk about the fork, I want to talk about the museum. My cousin, my grandmother, my aunt and I had been trudging around the Dallas Museum of Art for an hour, and my cousin was getting restless. Suddenly, she grabbed the handles of my grandma’s wheelchair and sprinted off into the museum, determined to ram anyone in her path. Suffice to say that the Nasher Center was a good change of pace. It has a beautiful sculpture garden that became a giant playground for her.

Anyway, back to Garden Fork, which taught me something verrry interesting about different perspectives. Rachel and I were lying next to the fork and collaborating on a drawing of the fork chasing us (which can be found here), and my aunt came up and started taking pictures. Then she stood staring at the fork for a while, and eventually said, “What is it? A giraffe?” I didn’t think she was serious until she walked over to the plaque with the title on it and said “Oh! It’s called ‘Garden Fork.'” It was an interesting lesson in how people can look at the same thing and see something completely different. Kind of makes you reconsider things like witnesses’ testimonies in court trials, no?


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