Abdominal Discomfort.



My dad (i.e. One of my handful of subscribers) (Sign up, people!) emailed me the other day with an idea for a post:

“There is a really interesting piece at this house on Sally Way. You have to get a picture of it – front yard in the bushes near the street – a sculpture of some sort.”

My dad isn’t particularly artsy. I’ve compared him to a scanner on a copy machine before for the way he looks my work over in two broad sweeps and says, “Good job.”

This made me even more excited to see exactly what he finds interesting in art. It turned out to be the strange ocular puzzle above. Sorry to continue with the Pablo obsession, but the piece reminds me a little bit of the 1914 sculpture Glass of Absinthe. Picasso’s piece looks nothing like a glass of Absinthe- it’s supposed to mimic the transparent quality of the bottle. Can you see the shimmery shapes? The polka dots that are sprinkled across some of the surfaces are supposed to be a view of whatever is positioned behind the bottle (possibly a tablecloth?).

Is this sculpture mimicking the way that light plays across the musculature on a human torso? Perhaps, although the entire piece changes when you switch angles:

Is this a “Study of mutilated hand reaching from grave”?


Is this …”LAVA!” ???


The world may never know.

Anyway, my dad’s submission made me realize that I could be a lot lazier than I am. Give me some suggestions of art to review, and I’ll pay you back in lollipops and candy. I swear!

UPDATE: I’m on the trail to figure out what this sculpture actually is. Check the “Talkback” page for updates!


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