Street Magic

I was strolling down 13th Street and keeping my eyes open when I found this Tarot card, scribbled on a postage label and pasted to a telephone pole. It was a mystical, mysterious moment to be sure. I immediately had to know just what the Seven of Swords means.
According to this site, it indicates shirked responsibility, being a lone wolf or being dishonorable. Kind of counterintuitive considering the fact that the dude’s lugging around an armful of swords. He’s responsible enough not to impale himself!
I don’t believe in Tarot, but I’ve always found the art on the cards interesting. The game was originally called Trionfi, and was first seen in Europe in the 1440’s. Back then, the line drawings on the cards were equally as lush and beautiful.
Is there a whole lamppost Tarot deck floating around town? Keep your eyes peeled and let me know!

ALSO: I’M FAMOUS!! Here’s the link to the News Story. That’s me in the blue shirt talking about ART!


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