Squeegee art

The Race, Jenny Gray

I took a trip on the EMX to the Jacobs Gallery today. I liked the sound of their Revealed show, which features Jenny Gray, Rich Norman and Vince Carl. What was going to be revealed to me when I walked in the door?
The answer, it turns out, is quite a lot of nudity. Carl presented a series of white nude forms that almost looked like sketches set against lurid, mixed media backgrounds. He works with things like gold leaf to give his paintings texture.
I don’t tend to love abstract paintings, but Gray’s work was a calm, contemplative counterpoint to Carl’s pieces. She starts her works by making “marks representing specific emotions” and then paints layers thick and thin over them. It’s a comment on our tendency as humans to hide aspects of ourselves, to layer and layer until we can’t even grasp our true identities.
Did I mention she never uses a brush? To work up crazy textures, she uses things like squeegees! Very cool.


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