Not a big shot

I’m Jordan, and I’ve just given birth to this little blog called One Step, Big Shot. I would say I’ve never given birth before, but as an artist, I suppose I’m always pushing something out through my creative orifice. Just like a newborn baby, this blog is not without its own genetic code. If I’m the father, I’d have to choose Blake Gopnik’s The Daily Pic as the mother. Gopnik, an art critic from New York who writes for Newsweek, posts one picture a day of an art piece he finds interesting. Sometimes he has a lot to say about it, and sometimes he lets the image mostly speak for itself. The blog is delightfully simple, with every spin of the scroll wheel revealing some new curiosity or treasure.

Now I’ve decided to create an art blog of my own, closely modeled off of Mr. Gopnik’s creation. Imitation is flattery, right? The truth is, one of my secret aspirations is to be a big shot art critic. That’s not why this blog is called One Step, Big Shot though. That little phrase comes from the world of Polaroid cameras, where the lack of a zoom lens forced photographers to do a little jig in order to frame their pictures. They had to take “one step,” or a few. Due to the instant results inherent to the Polaroid medium, they only got one chance to get it right. Once they hit the shutter release, that was their “big shot.” I want this blog to be equally as spontaneous and unpredictable, a Warhol-inspired mishmash of mediums and ideas.

So really, this little project is not about me trying to be a big shot. At least not officially. I’m just excited about going on an art adventure every day for the REST OF MY LIFE. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Extra treat:

Here’s an article on the art exhibit that inspired my blog’s name, an exhibition of Polaroid shots of celebrities by Warhol and Gus Van Sant that showed at my school’s art museum. It was actually a pretty bland exhibit that felt like one big namedropping party. Oh well.


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